Thursday, January 24, 2013

Billboards Promoting Islam Tells South Florida “Se Habla Espanol”

In light these controversies, a newly established billboard campaign promoting the website is now clearly visible from both the northbound and southbound lanes of I-95.  We reviewed the site page by page and it’s essentially a ’411′ website for both Muslims and for persons who are interested in learning more about the religion.
Islam 1 is very user friendly and covers a wide number of topics pertaining to Islam including its relationship with other religions, so-called “misconceptions” about Sharia Law as well as other highly questionable claims about the religion that will certainly raise eyebrows.  The site even has a link to an information page that tells you how to arrange a tour of a mosque.  And this being South Florida, the billboards dutifully inform us that the shadowy organization’s representatives also “Se Habla Espanol.”
Because of website’s decision to promote a highly questionable version of Islam, we decided to do a simple search to determine who the owner of the website is as well as most likely paid for the billboards.  After running a basic search, we found hat the site’s domain is registered to Network Solutions, LLC., a web-based internet service provider, indicating that the owners of the site have decided to remain anonymous.  
So just who or what organization is responsible for, and why do they feel the need to hide their true identity?  Could it be that the reason for their secrecy is that this website is financed by foreign donors?  Perhaps these financiers have ties to extremist groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood? But upon closer inspection, the site is “managed by ICNA,” the Islamic Circle of North America.