Monday, January 28, 2013

Obama Labor Department spent $230 million on grants with no idea if they worked

Officials at the Department of Labor's Employment Training Administration handed out nearly $230 million in grants without metrics for determining whether the funds achieved their intended purposes, according to a DOL Inspector General report. The grants were made during the just-conclud
Officials with the Department of Labor's Employment and Training Administration may have awarded more 200 grants intended to help train workers in new skills to get them back on the job may have been awarded at a cost of nearly $230 million with no way of knowing whether the spending accomplished the intended puprose, according to the department's Inspector-General.
The DOL IG's investigation said the ETA used "a discretionarygrant program to support schools and businesses that were training workers and helping them find jobs," but the IG probe found that "there were few benchmarks for measuring whether the grants were actually helping people find work or achieving their other goals -- and sometimes results were simply not documented," the Washington Guardian reports today.
The Guardian quoted the IG report saying "the basis used in determining acceptable performance was not defined, documented or consistently applied," with the result that many performance evaluations that were done on the grants were "subjective, inconsistent and unsupported."
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