Monday, January 28, 2013

Obama to Fly Over 9 Hours Just for Speech on Immigration

The speech and photo-op will cost taxpayers over $1.6 million.

President Barack Obama will fly over 9 hours tomorrow, round-trip from Washington, D.C. to Las Vegas, Nevada, just to deliver a speech on immigration, according to the president's White House schedule. With Air Force One estimated to cost $182,000 per hour in flight, Obama's trip--that is, only his travel to and from Vegas--will cost taxpayers over $1.6 million. 
"In the morning, the President will depart the White House en route Las Vegas, Nevada. The departure from the South Lawn and the arrival at McCarran International Airport are open press," the president's schedule reads.
"While in Las Vegas, the President will deliver remarks on the need to fix the broken immigration system so that it is fairer for and helps grow the middle class by ensuring everyone plays by the same rules. The President's remarks at Del Sol High School are open to pre-credentialed media.
"In the evening, the President will depart Las Vegas, Nevada en route Washington, DC. The departure from McCarran International Airport and the arrival on the South Lawn are open press."