Thursday, February 7, 2013

President Obama Vows To Make Pelosi Speaker Of The House Again



President Obama, speaking to House Democrats at a party retreat in Lansdowne, Va., on Thursday, told lawmakers that if they stick to their principles, “I expect Nancy Pelosi will be speaker again.”

The president said immigration, gun control and the economy are his top priorities for the year, and he offered some oddly-worded praise for Mrs. Pelosi, the House minority leader.
Mr. Obama opened his remarks by saying how much he loves Mrs. Pelosi and then immediately pivoted to talking about how she “generates” good-looking grandchildren.
“I love Nancy Pelosi — love Nancy Pelosi … she just generates good-looking grandbabies,” he said. “They’re just so sharp and handsome.”

The president’s vaguely sexist comments came after a sports-laden address from Rep Xavier Becerra, the House Democratic chairman, full of references to “hitters” and “smacking the ball.” He ended by calling Mr. Obama “captain of America’s team — the person who will hit us out of the park.”

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