Tuesday, February 12, 2013

2009 Obama Said Stimulus Will Lift 2 Million Out of Poverty; Census '11: 2.6 Million More In Poverty



On February 17, 2009, in remarks at the signing the $787 billion Stimulus bill, Pres. Obama promised it would lift two million people out of poverty.
However, according to the latest available (2011) Census Bureau data, quite the opposite occurred. It shows 2.6 million more people living below poverty.
In his 2009 speech, President Obama said:
"It's a plan that rewards responsibility, lifting two million Americans from poverty ensuring that anyone who works hard does not have to raise a child below the poverty line. So as a whole, this plan will help poor and working Americans pull themselves into the middle class in a way we haven't seen in nearly 50 years."
Here are the numbers:
In 2009: 43.6 million Americans were living below the poverty level.
In 2011, 46.2 million Americans were living below the poverty level.
That's a net increase of 2.6 million more Americans.
Today, the number of Americans on food stamps has also drastically spiked, surpassing the population of Spain. Americans receiving food stamps have increased from 31,939,110 in January 2009 to 47,692,896, according to the latest available data- an increase of 49.3 percent.
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